About the Blog

Being a mom has been one of the most rewarding and challenging moments of my life. 

I was twenty four years old when I first became a mom, just two years into being a wife and really coming into this thing called womanhood. Little did I know that a year and half later I'd be giving birth to my second child, and then my third two years later. It was after the birth of my first child that I realized I was being buried deep into motherhood. Struggling to find myself as a wife, mom, and a woman was my biggest battle in life yet. There were some days where my love cup was full, and many a days where I felt all alone. 

Those lonely days made me want to share my story. 

Why? Because I believe by sharing our stories, we connect. 

Those dark and lonely moments become less lonely when you find someone who is experiencing some of the same things you're experiencing. Feeling the exact same things you're feeling. Struggling with the same things you're struggling with.

That's why I created Napturally Dany. It's my mission to connect with women and moms so we feel less alone. 

How do I do that? By sharing my real, raw, and honest motherhood. Body image issues, mom guilt, misconceptions of working moms.

While I don't have the blueprint for motherhood, because let's face it, children do not come with a manual, I'm just sharing bits and pieces of my journey as a mom of three littles. The good, the bad, and the ugly! 

About Danyelle

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and an all around everyday woman. I live in the NYC
area with my husband Lloyd and our three littles, three year old Leilani, two year old Josiah, and our newest addition, baby girl Riley. 

Originally created out of my love for natural hair and my passion for helping women embrace their curls, Napturally Dany was birthed in 2013 as my little corner of the web where I shared my own experiences with my natural hair.  I wanted to educate, encourage and inspire women on their natural hair journey.

Life changed quite a bit shortly thereafter. After getting married at the young age of twenty two, finishing college, and becoming a mom I discovered a new purpose and passion. 

Six years later, the mission is still very much the same: to inspire, educate, and empower millennial women. I openly share my world as a wife, working mom of three littles, and a woman of faith to be a friend in time of need, give tips and tricks to simplify life, and to be an inspiration and pour into you when your cup is half full. This blog is a safe space for me to share life through an authentic, more relatable lens, filled with warmth, humor, raw authenticity, and true passion

So, no. Nothing fancy or any rocket science here. Just a girl using her creativity to tie together the core pieces of her world – beauty, motherhood, marriage, self-care, girl chat — you know? That sort of thing. 

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