Quarantine Summer Fun with Chalkola

Quarantine Summer Fun with Chalkola
Anyone else’s kids bored in the house and in the house bored? Sometimes it’s a complete struggle trying to find things to keep the kids occupied with because they get bored so quickly and can easily be done with an activity in a matter of minutes— hello toddlers with short attention spans? 


At this point it feels like we’ve done all the quarantine things to keep them occupied— we’ve built the forts, blew the bubbles, played the board games. This mama has Pinterested all the age-appropriate activities. After a while the kids either get bored with the same activities, or they just simply can’t figure out how to do something together without fighting. 


One thing my kids love doing is drawing and writing, so when Chalkola reached out to me about trying their chalkboard and chalk markers, I was all for it. Not only would it be something different, fun to keep the kids occupied, but it'd even be something I could incorporate into our day to day teaching sessions. 


Our Chalkola bundle came with a box of thirty markers filled with a variety of vibrant colors, as well as a 12.5 x 10.5  inch Chalkboard. The markers are the perfect size for little hands and helps with their fine motor skills as they learn how to use writing utensils better. Leilani for the most part knows how to use a pencil and, but Josiah is still learning, as he is just two. 

The markers also come with a reversible tip, which I thought was absolutely genius! The round tip is perfect for writing while the chisel tip is great for more creative drawing and calligraphy. 

To get the markers going, the instructions advise you to shake for thirty seconds with the cap on, and then press the tip multiple times to get the ink going. While I did this part, I sang some songs just to keep their attention until we got the ink flowing through the markers. Once the ink was there, the kids got to work!


I love how bright and vibrant the colors are, which is something I wasn't expecting. They also write really smooth and dry fairly quickly for liquid chalk markers, so that was also a plus. 

We have yet to explore the endless possibilities of the markers, but I love the versatility. Not only can you use them on chalkboards, but they can be used on paper, dry erase boards, glass, windows, and any other non-porous surfaces.  


Okay, so there's a few things about the Chalkola Chalkboard that I love:

  1. The chalkboard is the perfect size for my kids to use, so both kids can write on the board at the same time without really fighting over it. 
  2. The chalkboard comes with a kick stand and tray to hold your markers. 
  3. The chalkboard is super versatile and is something everyone can use. It's perfect for quotes, signs, and even homeschool activities.
  4. The chalkboard is big enough for both kids to use, but also small enough to store away when we're not using. 


I try my best to make sure my kids are using things that are safe and non-toxic. I love that Chalkola is Child-safe, non toxic, acid free, and xylene free. The markers are also water-based, so they wash off clothes fairly easily. Don't know about you, but that is a #parentingwin in my book! I don't have to worry about the kids inhaling any strong odors, or worrying about any stains or adverse reactions if the ink happens to get on their hands. 


It's official. I'm declaring Chalkola a mommy must-have and a summer essential for all the moms who are home trying to keep their kids busy! Literally so many uses out of this Chalkola bundle, making it perfect for all moms! Head on over to the  Chalkola Website and make sure you use code DANYELLEJ10 for 10% off your Chalkola purchase. 

Don't worry, if Amazon is more your thing, I got you there too sis! You can also find Chalkola products on Amazon, so head on over to Amazon and make sure you use code CHALKOLA10 for 10% off your Chalkola Bundle. I'm telling you, while summer is still here and we're still in the middle of being quarantine, I highly recommend stocking up on some essentials for your summer arts and crafts projects. 

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