Life Lessons From My Toddlers

life lessons from my toddlers

Being a mom to three toddlers, you can only imagine the things that goes on and the many things that are said in the Jacobs household. One thing is for sure- these kids will teach you a whole lot and will gather you real quick, honey. Follow along with me as I share some of my musings on what my toddlers have taught me.



All of my kids have this quirkiness about them that I love. Personally, I think they get it from me because I can be the same way at times. But seeing how they're able to be nothing but themselves every single day, no matter how silly or goofy it is, inspires me to do the same. Learning more to worry less about what others think of me and focus more on my own happiness. 




Josiah is good for this one. Whenever he asks me for something and I'm either distracted with something else or just simply ignoring him (don't act like your kids aren't annoying sometimes and you don't ignore them!), he'll ask again, but much louder. The kids makes sure I hear him the second time, okay?  Leilani on the other hand is very articulate and outspoken and will say exactly how she feels (she gets it from her mama) and will ask why if she doesn't understand something. Riley, the one year old, will let you know exactly how she feels with her baby talk lol. 




Can't be the only parent who has given in after saying no fiftyleven times after your toddler has asked. Hey, it’s a game well played lol. While their goals and my goals are obviously different, their determination is teaching me that if I have that same drive, determination, and persistence, I can accomplish anything I want. 





As many times as my kids fight. Shoot, as many times as I've yelled out of frustration, these kids will burst into tears one second and graciously accept an apology the next and go on about their business as if it never happened. Much harder for us adults obviously because we're more developed in our emotions and our views of the world, but their willingness to forgive so easily is something I truly admire. Its something adults needs to do more of, one because holding onto unforgiveness is draining, and two, God calls us to love and forgive one another. 





I remember growing up and not necessarily having to worry about how the bills were going to get paid, or where food would come from because I knew my parents would take care of it. Every single day, they know mommy is gonna take care of them and meet all of their needs. Their innocence inspires me to have that same faith with my heavenly father. 



What are some things that your little ones are teaching you?

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