Favorite Books for Brown Skinned Girls

It’s no secret that we love books in our household. As a kid, I loved books, and we try our best to foster that same love for learning and books in our children. 


One of the things that was important to me was to introduce books that feature characters that looks like my children and have brown skin. It’s important to me that they’re able to see themselves in the characters they read about. We've come across some great finds over the years, so I went ahead and compiled a few of our favorite books with a short review on them. I definitely plan on adding more books to their collection with diverse characters. 



What’s the Commotion in the Ocean by Nyasha Williams


Awesome book teaching children about water pollution along with practical solutions to help save the ocean. I was blown away by the illustrations in this book— absolutely phenomenal!


Gigi's Little Dreamer by Carmen Maples


The author recently sent us this book and it’s become one of Leilani’s favorites. It’s a book about a little girl excited to go to her Grandma GiGi’s house and all of the fun adventures she has. Leilani has quite the imagination, so the imaginative text and storyline is perfect for her!


Princess Hair by Sharee Miller

This book teaches little girls to love their natural hair! As a mother to girls with curls, love having a book like this that teaches girls that their hair is indeed beautiful! This book celebrates hair of all different shapes, textures, and styles— everything from curls to dreadlocks, to braids. Love how it celebrates the diversity of black hair! 


ABC What Can She Be


Love that this book represents all kids of girls with different skin colors and backgrounds and encourages all the different career paths girls can take! Also love the bold and vibrant illustrations! 


God Knows my Name by Debby Anderson 


Scripture tells us that God knows exactly who we are. He knows the number of hairs on our head. Love that this book incorporates scripture in way that young children can understand so that they know that they belong to God and that he knows and loves them! 


When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner 


I love the beautiful reminder in this book about how beautifully and wonderfully made we are because God made us. Something I want my children to always remember. 


I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

This is a fun book that we read time and time again and my kids absolutely love. Love how imaginative the book as, as well as the quirky illustrations that go along with the book. It encourages children to love and appreciate everything about themselves, from their eyes, nose fingers, and toes! 


Peek-A-Boo Morning


All of my childen loved playing Peek-A-Boo, so this is just a fun book to read to them! 


What books are your kids loving these days? 



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