Eating Solids with Yumi Baby Food

Most days, I can barely feed myself. Literally, my mother in law will come into my office as I'm working and kindly let me know that it's 12 pm and I still haven't eaten breakfast. The days get ahead of me so quickly being a work from home mom all while managing three active toddlers running around and making their demands known. I barely have the time or the energy to keep up.

Riley is now one years old, so when she officially transitioned to eating real food, I didn't know what to do! Feedings toddlers can be quite tricky because they can be so picky. There were things I had fed her previously that she no longer liked all of a sudden, and I felt stuck! That's why I'm so glad Yumi reached out to me and offered to send over some food for Riley to try. They make it so convenient for me when figuring out what to feed Riley!

Yumi is a science based meal delivery program that provides over 60 chef-curated baby meals made with fresh, organic ingredients and high quality superfoods. The meals are nutrient dense with no additives, and straight up delicious! What I love most is that Yumi meets your child's need at every stage, whether they're just starting out with single-ingredient meals, to blends which help broaden baby's tase palette, and chunky combos and bites for toddler babes like mine.

The combos and blends are great by themselves for Riley, and also work great paired with something I've already created for her. Here, Riley is enjoying the South west Bites. As a busy mom, Yumi literally takes the guesswork out of mealtime for me, and I feel confident that I'm feeding Riley nothing but the best!

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