10 Quarantine Summer Activities for Kids

I know. COVID happened and everybody is like "what are we gonna do with these kids!" It’s bad enough that kids were locked in for the remainder of the school year. But, just because COVID-19 is happening does not mean that summer is cancelled for these kids! Honestly, my kids could care less about what's happening. They want their fun and they want it now! 

Things are a bit different for my household. I've been working remotely for the past four months and my husband is an essential worker, so a lot of our summer fun happens late evenings and sometimes even on Saturdays when hubby and I are both off the clock. Nonetheless, we still do what we can to make sure our kids are engaged and having fun. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, one thing that should be discussed and (hopefully) understood is that this summer will be quite unconventional. A lot of kids' normal summer activities will indeed be cancelled due to COVID, especially with cases rising again with the reopen in several cities. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the best out of what we have. So, just be honest with your kids. Let them know that some things will indeed be closed (up to you whether or not you want to get into the specifics of why, depending on your children's age and level of understanding). For us, our four year old asked to go to some of her favorite places and we simply explained to her that those place were closed and we'd have to find other things to do. And those normal day to day activities became our norm and she began to ask to do them.  

While there are things open like the beach, pool, some amusement parks and zoos, we’re still trying to figure out how to navigate those things safely with three small children. But in the meantime, here are 10 Indoor Quarantine Activities for you and your littles!

Painting is one of those activities you HAVE TO HAVE in your back pocket. Easiest activity that require little instruction from mom, so the kids can just have at it while you take a bit of a breather. 
Science experiments 
Leilani has taken great interest in doing science experiments lately, so we’ve been doing age-appropriate experiments. One that we visit time and time again is the milk food coloring, and dish soap experiment. It’s a hit in our house!
Board games 

We were recently gifted this Educational Sorting Sensory Game by Wily Fox called Animal Homes. The kids love identifying the animals and putting them in their proper homes! This game is pretty versatile, so there are endless possibilities for games you can play with your kids. The game can be purchased on Amazon here
Bubble Time
It wouldn’t be a quarantine party without bubbles! My kids love playing in the bubbles and seeing who can blow the biggest bubble and who can pop the most bubbles! 
Scavenger Hunts
Just yesterday we played a scavenger hunt game as part of their online learning summer session where we broke things down into categories and counted who could find the most of that item. The kids loved it!   
Family Walks
Walks have become a thing for us to break up the monotony of staying in the house all day while mommy works. Leilani asks to go on little walks now, and it’s a time the kids truly enjoy. 
Indoor Camping
The kids recently got a little indoor tent and sleeping bags. Safe to say indoor camping and movie nights will be revved up in our house!
Dance Party
Quickest way to help toddlers burn some energy during the day since they can’t really get outside. Dance parties are a hit!
Online Adventure Day Camp 
We just discovered that our favorite, Monica J. Sutton, now have online adventure Day Camp! We were huge fans of her morning circle times for the kids these past three months, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that she’d be doing an online adventure day camp!
Dinosaur Family Play
I recently bought some dinosaur face masks for the kids, and we all decided to be a dinosaur family and wear the face masks! Even Riley, the one year old, participated! 

Don't let a pandemic stop your fun this summer! 

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