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It's been six months since I've written a blog post. 
Six. Whole. Months. 
Crazy, I know, but there's a lot that's happened in this year.

There's a lot that's happened in both 2015 and 2016 alone that have been truly life changing.

The main things are being pregnant and having my daughter back in March. 
Yo, I’m somebody’s momma! Like, my body actually grew and housed a little person for 37 weeks, and then I pushed this little person out. 

I'm in charge of shaping and molding this gift!

I'm raising a woman of color. I'm raising a woman of faith. I'm raising a woman who will seek and stand for righteousness. That's a heavy load, especially in the hour that we're living in today. But I know God's grace is sufficient, and I know he has great plans for my daughter's life. 

Back to the real reason for this post....
I've been posting very inconsistently the past two years. In the last two years, I’ve gone from graduating college with my Bachelors degree (praise God!), experiencing a miscarriage, working semi-full time hours, being pregnant again, experiencing labor and delivery (pushing out a human is serious work!), getting promoted to full time at work ((#wontHedoit), to being a full-fledged full time working mother. See how crazy life can be?

With said craziness, it’s really taken a toll on me. During my entire pregnancy, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained ALL THE TIME, making it hard to stay consistent with blogging. After having my daughter Leilani, it was extremely hard to stay consistent with adjusting to becoming a mother. Motherhood is hard work, especially when you have to go back to work….full time at that!

Between feedings every two hours in the beginning and running on four hours of sleep most nights, before I knew it months had gone by since the last time I posted something on the blog. 

While I’ve thought about this blog and writing again, it’s been hard coming up with content while being caught up in the business of life and just trying to adjust. 

Now I’m still running on four-five hours of sleep every night thanks to a teething 8 month old (who is also going through an 8-month sleep regression),  and middle of the night pump sessions (the sacrifices you make when 100% committed to exclusively breastfeeding – aside from solid foods—while working). However, these past 8 months of being a mother has taught me so much and has inspired me in so many ways when it comes to creating content for Napturally Dany. 

Life hasn’t always been peaches and roses since being a new mom. What I've been through these last two years alone is truly enough to make a person fall apart. To be honest, I was almost at that place a few times.  

I’m ready to finally tell my story. Raw and unfiltered, but very real and honest. I’m finally ready to get back to doing what I love — writing and creating. I’m ready to share the realness of being a new mom, wife, believer, full time employee, creative, and entrepreneur.

Most importantly, I’m ready to get back to doing something for myself (more on that in another post), and that’s growing this space here into the power house that I know it can be.  

It is by the grace and strength of God alone that I've made it this far. He is why I'm still standing...

If you liked reading Napturally Dany before, you're in for a treat now. There's awesome content on the rise for Napturally Dany, so be on the lookout!

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