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I've gotten a few questions on how I achieve my flat twist out. And believe it or not, it's quite simple. 

I've been wearing my hair in protective styles for the most part these past few months simply because I didn't have time to fool with my hair everyday. But, I was missing my fro, so I had to let her out! I put together a pictorial for you naturalistas to follow along with. Of course, use whatever products work for your hair! 

I started out on an old flat twist out that was dry. Originally, I used the L.O.C method on the old flat twist out, and my hair was just super dry by the end of the day. 

This time around, I used the L.C.O (Liquid, Cream, Oil) method for my hair. I find that my hair retains more moisture using this method as opposed to the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method. The L.C.O (or L.O.C...whichever works for your hair type and texture) method is especially good for these cold winter months and helps with combating dry, brittle hair. This is the perfect addition to add to your winter hair care regimen. Check out my previous post on Winterizing Your Natural Hair Care Regimen for more on how to prep your hair to battle the cold.  

I just part my hair in the direction I want my hair to fall, and then section off sections with my fingers to prepare my hair for the products and flat-twisting. I always do a side part with more hair going off to the left side of my face. 

Once I have my first part sectioned, it's time to apply the product! 

For my liquid, I just mixed in a spray bottle some water and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. 

Then I use my holy grail Leave-in Conditioner, the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. This stuff never fails me! Moisture and definition for days!!! 

Last, but not least, I sealed it all in with some Coconut Oil. My hair loves this stuff! 

Once everything is applied, I detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb and begin flat twisting. It's important to make sure that your hair is thoroughly coated with the product and that you DETANGLE!

If you're doing this on freshly washed hair, coating the hair with product and detangling is key to a defined twist out / flat twist out. It just sets the stage for your hair for the rest of the week so you don't always have to detangle being that your hair will still have some definition in it. Because of this, you may find that you may not need to re-twist throughout the week (using the Pineapple Method will suffice). Or, you may get by through the week with a few chunky flat twists and that's it. As always, Do whatever works for you!

I don't always detangle my hair. It really just depends on what my hair is doing. Usually if I'm doing this on two or three day hair, I'll just lightly finger detangle only because I don't want to cause any extra tension or unnecessary breakage to my hair from combing it. 

You also may not need to add any more product (maybe just a spritz of water just to activate the product that is already on the hair, and an oil to seal, if needed). 

I continue this process throughout my whole head, and this is what I'm left with:

Put a silk/satin bonnet or head scarf over your head or sleep with a satin pillow case, unravel the twists in the morning, fluff, fluff, and fluff some more, and the end result is a BOMB, moisturized and defined flat twist out. 

And that's it! Pretty simple, right? Anybody can try this same routine using products that work for their hair. Personally, I prefer flat twist outs over regular twist outs. It gives me the definition and length I'm looking for, and there's not much separating you have to do, which means less frizz. 

Hope this helps some of you ladies! 


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