My Hair is Thinning!!!

Yes, thinning! I was so distraught when looking at the health of my hair in my crown area. 
See that thinning area right in the middle of my head? Yeah...I panicked when I saw that! So much was running through my head when I saw how thin my crown area had gotten. I thought I was going bald, my hair was never going to grow back, it's going to spread all throughout my head. I've never had a problem with thinning (only my edges), so when I saw the condition of my hair, I panicked...literally! I didn't understand. I thought I was doing everything to make sure my hair stayed healthy, or at least I thought I was. 

I noticed that my scalp in my crown area was starting to feel a bit tender and sore. My crown has always been the most sensitive part of my scalp, but I noticed it was a bit more sensitive than normal. One day this week, I decided to really observe that area, and the hair is thinning out! 

There's a number of things that cause hair thinning. Some of these include: 

  • Hormonal factors, which can sometimes be genetic
  • Medical conditions, like thyroid problems, alopecia areata, scalp infections, or other skin disorders. 
  • Certain Medications used to treat things like depression, cancer, or high blood pressure.
  • Physical shock, including a sudden or excessive weight loss. 
  • Stress
  • Vitamin/nutrient deficiency. Vitamins are important for healthy hair growth, and a lack thereof can cause poor hair growth and even hair loss. 
  • Tension on the hair as a result of pulling the hair
  • WATER!!! Feeding your body from the inside out!

Of these causes, I was able to narrow it down to four: not drinking enough water, not taking any vitamins or juicing to get my vitamins from fruits and veggies, tension, and genetics. I'm guilty of not drinking enough water or juicing like I used to. I feel off my weight loss journey a little, but I'm back at it! 

I'm also guilty of pulling on my hair. I usually do my hair late at night after I've done what needs to be done for school, and by that time, I'm tired. I know, I know, I should know better! Never do your hair when you are tired! You'll do some unnecessary pulling and tugging on your hair since you just want to get it done. This can lead to hair loss, so save the styling for a time when you aren't tired. If all else fails and your hair doesn't want to cooperate with you, throw her in a puff, and you will be good to go! Puffs have been my go-to style, but lately I've had my hair in twists (I installed mini twists about three weeks ago, and I took them out last weekend and put in some medium sized twists and have been rocking roll-tuck-and pin's all week.   

Thinning hair also runs in my family, so this may also contribute to why my hair is thinning. My mom has thinning hair. I generally have thin strands with a high density (thin strands, but lots of them!) My hair has always been this way, but my crown has never been as thin as it is now. I'm catching it in it's early stages, so I'm doing everything I can to reverse it and get the health of my hair back to where it was.

Since discovering this thinning, I've been incorporating more water into my diet, and I've also started juicing again. I've always oiled my scalp with my JBCO and peppermint oil mix, but I haven't been consistent. I'm applying the JBCO/Peppermint Oil mix to my scalp every other night, as well as incorporating scalp massages to thicken up my crown area. 

I also went to GNC and purchased the Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner.

I know Shea Moisture has their Yucca and Baobab line, but I find that now that my hair is longer, my hair doesn't respond the same way it used to to Shea Moisture products, even after clarifying my hair, so I decided to try something different.

Here are the shampoo's benefits, according to the Mill Creek Botanicals' website:

BENEFITS: This shampoo contains the key ingredient Biotin, which is known as a super supplement for your hair. Used daily, the enriched formula can help replenish important nutrients necessary for a healthy scalp and hair. This therapy formula also combines other B-complex vitamins (panthenolinositol, niacin, folic acid andcystine) with hair rejuvenating proteins and herbs like keratin, jojoba and aloe verafor healthy-looking hair with full-bodied texture. Refreshing peppermint oil provides an invigorating sensation while stimulating the scalp for optimum results.
DIRECTIONS: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply shampoo to scalp and gently massage into hair to work up a rich lather. Rinse completely. Repeat, if necessary.
FREE OFParabensSLS/SLES, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Colors and Fragrances
INGREDIENTS:  Deionized Water, Biotin, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Peppermint Oil, hydrolyzed elastin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), certified organic aloe vera gel, Organic Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Inositol, barley extract, Sodium Myreth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut Oil),  Octyl Dimethyl PABA, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer,  Citric Acid,  Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, botanical fragrance
Here are the conditioner's benefits, according to the Mill Creek Botaical's website:

BENEFITS: Biotin Conditioner is a therapeutic formulation that invigorates the scalp, boosts body and texture and fortifies the hair shaft while conditioning.
DIRECTIONS: Apply conditioner to clean hair, paying special attention to ends. Work Conditioner through hair with fingertips. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style as usual. For more intense conditioning leave on hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

FREE OFParabensSLS/SLES, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Colors and Fragrances

INGREDIENTS:  Deionized Water,  Biotin, Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5),  Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Cetyl Alcohol,  Stearyl Alcohol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Oleamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Cetearyl Alcohol,  Ceteareth 20, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), Citric Acid,  Corn Oil,  Sodium Chloride,  Quaternium-15, Peppermint Oil,  certified organic aloe vera gel, Organic Essential Oil, Citric Acid,, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate,  botanical fragrance 

I read some pretty good reviews on this product, so I decided to pick it up. People have said it's really helped to grow their hair back thicker and has stopped breakage. It was only $7.99 at my local GNC, which isn't bad. 

I've used these products twice already, and I really liked the way my hair and scalp feels. The products contain Peppermint oil, so I really enjoyed the tingly feeling on my scalp. The conditioner has some slip, but it's not a bad conditioner at all. 

As I said before, I installed some mini twists three weeks ago to give my hair a rest. Check out my Mini Twist Post for more info. 

I kept them in for about 2 weeks, but my hair felt like it was starting to tangle so I took them out and installed some medium sized twists and wore them in an updo every day. I plan on re-installing them again tonight for the next week/two weeks (I'm giving myself a hot oil treatment as I write this post!) 
I plan on doing this for the rest of the fall and winter, just so I'm not putting any unnecessary stress on my hair. I figured this was the best way to go, since box braids or Senegalese twists would have been too much tension on my hair and scalp since they're really tight. I've also gotten very lazy and haven't been feeling like doing my hair! I'm almost two months into my junior year, and things are super hectic at school, so I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to my hair every night. The twists definitely help. All I do is spritz with water, seal with some coconut oil, and apply the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and I'm good for moisture for about three days. 

I will keep you guys updated on my progress of thickening/re-growing my crown area. Any tips, advice, suggestions are all welcomed! 

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