Naptural Beauty of the Week: Michelle

What made you decide to go natural?
The decision to go natural was pretty easy for me. I read a book from Cathy Howse, Thinning Edges. It scared the …
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My First Wash N Go

So last week I did my first Wash N Go ever since being natural!

I really wasn't sure how my hair would turn out since I had never done it before…
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The Natural's Guide to Moisture

We've heard it a gazillion times. It's all over the natural hair care boards, blogs, and YouTube. It's the most important natural hair ca…
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Naptural Beauty of the Week: LaNeshe

Introduce yourself: Hi! My name is LaNeshe. I'm an arts marketer, actress and blogger living in Philadelphia, originally from Connecticut.
What ma…
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Naptural Beauty of the Week: NeoshaGEE

Introduce yourself: Hi, my name is Neosha. Many people know me as my online name, NeoshaGEE. I am a 22 year old multi-passionate entrepreneur, blogge…
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Natural Hair Update

My fro is back!!
I've missed my hair so much!! While the Senegalese twists were extremely convenient, it was time for them to go! My hair had go…
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Naptural Beauty of the Month

Name: Diana Sambula Natural Since: 2011 Last Relaxer: September 2011
Introduce yourself: 
My name is Diana and I'm a senior majoring in Community Hea…
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