Why Your Kids Will Love Wellvites Gummies

How many moms have a hard time getting their toddlers to eat their vegetables everyday? My kids  haven't always been the best eaters. It's a constant fight, trying to get them to eat their vegetables consistently. One thing they won't fight over is taking their multivitamin!  

That's why I'm so glad to have found these multivitamin gummies from Wellvites! 

Wellvites Kids Complete is a healthy daily supplement for your children. What I love about these vitamins is that it's a super clean vitamin option not just for your kids, but your family as well. Yes adults can take these gummies too! I'm all for making things as simple as possible for my family. 

As a parent, nothing means more to me than my children and making sure they stay healthy. Now more than ever it's important that my kiddos get the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to boost their immune system and keep them healthy. 


Wellvites has spent the last two years developing a rich and nutritious Kids' Multi-Vitamin that we believe to be the healthiest vitamin for kids on the market. Wellvites gummy vitamins are rich in vitamins and nutrients and are delicious without the harmful additives that most other vitamin brands contain. Parents everywhere will love that Wellvites multivitamins are vegannon-gmo, contain no gelatin, no sugar, no artificial sugar, no dairy, no peanuts, no eggs, no gluten, and no wheat! 
your child! 


I love that Wellvites just gets the job done with their vitamin and nutrient rich gummies without all the extra crap that you find in some multivitamins, which is really important to me as a mom of toddlers. When you turn over the bottle and read the label for some of your other favorite kids multivitamins, you'll often find that they're full of sugar. Extra sugar is something my kids definitely do not need since they already have so much energy all on their own! 

Toddlers can also be very picky eaters. As much as I do try, they don't always have a balanced diet so Wellvites just helps fill in the gaps for us. They also have fiber in them, which is really good because children's diets can tend to lack fiber. 

Leilani is absolutely obsessed with these vitamins. I often have to remind her that they aren't candy. Yes, they are still quite delicious even without sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can get these gummies on Amazon or the WELLVITES website!

If you're looking for a new multivitamin for your kids, check out Wellvites on their website. They are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime! They are now offering a 10% discount (usually 5%) for those who 'subscribe & save' when you checkout on Amazon. This is a limited time offer that will eventually go back down to 5%. Once you subscribe, you will receive 10% off your bottle of multi-vitamins each month for life—or however for long you subscribe! 

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