How to Survive a Beach Trip with Multiples

Since being in quarantine, we finally made our way out to the beach! We've done the beach thing with multiples a few times now, so I thought I'd share some ways to survive a beach trip with multiples! 



You don’t want to go when the sun is at its highest because it'll be way too hot and unbearable for everyone. We went around 3 p.m.— the sun was still a bit hot, but 




Make sure you bring sunscreen to protect the kids skin. I’ve been looking for more natural sunscreen so we've been using raspberry seed oil on their skin. Keeps their skin moisturized and offers some UVA and UVB  protection from the sun.




Gotta have the beach toys. It’s the first thing Leilani asked for when we got our spot set up on the beach. Perfect way to keep the kids occupied, especially if you're at the beach with a group of people and want to have an adult moment for a while. Beach toys (shovel, pail, etc...)  will keep them busy for a while. 




We have been loving this Baby Delight Inc tent! We were using it in the house primarily for the kids as their little indoor tent and place to retreat to, but it’s perfect for those beach days when you toddler babies need a break from the sun. Super easy to assemble and Riley camped out in there most of the day and played in the sand!



It was pretty hot when we went to the beach, so make sure you have lots of water on deck to keep the kids hydrated.




Make sure to have plenty of snacks on deck too. The kids will most likely be too busy playing in the sand and water, and will likely say they're not hungry when you ask. That moment when you least expect it of course is when they'll lay it on you, so make sure you have snacks and or food available! 




I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this the day of, but cornstarch is perfect for removing sand! Just pour it on the sandy areas and brush it away. The kids had a gang of sand on all of them, and it was a bit of a pain trying to get them cleaned off before getting back in the car. Try cornstartch!



Biggest tip I can give is to just let the kids do their thing. As much as I wanted to tell them not to lay in the sand because they’d get sand in their hair, I knoew it would just result in a tantrum. Letting the kids be and just do their things is less stress for everyone. 



I’m the mom who likes to be overprepared for everything, but I’ve founds that with multiples, less is best. I just made sure to pack the essentials (swim diapers, towels, umbrella, water, snacks,etc…) and keep it at that. Way too much to lug around when trying to keep track of toddlers. 


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