Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

self care tips for busy moms
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Self care is extremely important. Its more than just stealing an hour a way to get your nails done. Self care is about focusing on your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health because trust me - it all takes a bit of a hit once you add the role "mommy" to the equation.

As a busy mom and wife, I know first hand how easy it is to lose yourself in fulfilling these roles. Motherhood is the constant giving of yourself for the tiny humans you've created, but don't forget to show yourself a little love too. Here are some of my self-care tips for busy moms.

1.   Saying “No” // Learning to say no to taking on more than I can or want to handle – without guilt— is something that’s been a little hard for me. There's so much I want to do, and there's thing I'd like to get back to doing that I did B.K. (before kids), but right now, I can't. As parents of two little ones who also work full time, our time is extremely limited and to be honest, I'm tired yall! My life and schedule are literally full. I also can get overwhelmed rather easily sometimes when I take on way too much, so I'm not up for balancing 15 different things if I know that in this season of my life, I don't have the capacity to do so.

      Trying to do too much, something will lack, and I don't want lack to show up when it comes to quality time with my husband or my children because our time is already so limited due to our schedules. Taking on more than I can handle or more than I want to with the very limited time I have in the name of pleasing others isn’t an option. If I can’t do it, or I don’t feel up to it, I’m learning to say no and not feel guilty about it for my own sanity. I'm in a different season in my life now with two children, and we try and manage what we can when we can as best as we can. My family is my ministry, and making sure I serve my husband and my children the best way I can by being present is my top priority.
2.    Ask for Help // I must admit— asking for help is not something I’m used to doing. I’d rather just do things myself, especially when it comes to my children since 5 days out of the week, I don’t get much time with them. I try to involve myself in everything, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I want my children to know that mommy is present no matter what - I mean well in that area. On the other hands, everything leads to exhaustion and overworking yourself. Ladies, ask for help when needed, even if it’s as simple as a diaper change.

3.   Eat Heatlhy // Since my schedule can be pretty busy, I'm tired....like, all the time! I try to make an effort to eat healthy to help keep my energy up, and because it's just better for my body overall.  

4.   Laugh // Since becoming a mom, I’ve become a bit more serious. I’m learning to lighten up a little and really just not take life so serious all the time. Live and laugh more, ya know? Stop being stuck on a schedule and how things should go, but being a bit more relaxed. If things don't go as planned, that's okay! Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh mamas! 

self care tips for busy moms
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5.   Unplug // I can’t tell you how important unplugging is. It’s so easy to get lost in just everything— the busyness of life, social media, etc…. For a while, I felt like I didn’t know who I was because I was just lost in everything. Mommas, do yourself a favor and take time to unplug and unwind. Turn off the TV, set the phone aside, crack open the Word, and just unplug! You'll be refreshed afterwards.

self care tips for busy moms
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6.   Schedule time for yourself // If you don’t schedule time, it’ll never happen. Literally. You're just as important as everyone else, so make time to do something you like to do. Recently, I've figured out how to squeeze in some time to blog, and fit in working out into my busy days. Make time for the things you care about!

7.   Rest // You can’t give what you need to others if you’re running on empty. Mamas’ make time to get some rest. Even if it means dropping the baby off for a few hours on your day off, or asking your husband to take the morning shift while you get in an extra hour of sleep. Get some rest so you can be better for your family and for yourself.

Remember mamas: You are just as important as everyone else. Take the time to take care of you too! It's better for everyone in the long run because you'll be less tired, overwhelmed, impatient, and just overall moody.
So tell me, what are you doing to practice self care??

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