6 Natural Hair Tips for Busy Moms

As a busy mom, I know how easy it is to forget to take care of yourself. Whether it be taking a couple hours to go get a mani + pedi, or just finding some alone time to just de-stress and think, or even finding the time to do a quick wash day. Finding the time to do these things in between diaper changes, feedings, and running after little ones can be what seems close to impossible.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your crown while being a busy mom:

1.    Don’t Procrastinate: The longer you procrastinate, the more likely you WON'T get to do your hair. Don’t wait until the very end of the day when you’re already tired and burnt out to wash your hair—try to wash your hair much earlier if you can help it. Ask the hubs to take care of the kids for a bit while you take care of you. 

2.     Schedule Wash Day: Quite frankly, if you don’t schedule it, it’ll never happen. Trust me, I know. I’ve gone a whole month without washing my hair simply by getting caught up in the busyness of life. Treat wash day like an appointment you MUST make.  If need be, talk to your spouse about him taking over responsibilities while you tend to your hair. Set a specific day to wash your hair and do your best to stick to it.(because , hey, life happens)

3.      Co-Washing: Don’t have time for a full on wash day, but your hair is screaming for moisture? Find yourself a moisturizing co-wash to hold you over until the next wash day and save yourself a couple of hours.

4.      Wear Low Manipulation Styles: As a full time working mom, I don’t have time to prep my hair for a twist out the night before. I’m usually either falling asleep while getting my littles to sleep, or dozing off in the middle of a TV show with my husband. I also don’t have time to fool with my hair in the morning since I’m usually getting up at the very last minute, scrambling to get myself together for work. That’s why I generally stick to the same style: two halo twists, or a roll tuck and pin. It’s simple, easy to do, and my hair is tucked away, leaving no fuss for me. I just moisturize every couple of nights to keep it looking fresh, and I’m ready to go.

5.     Find the Right Products: You may be wondering how this can help you as a busy mom. Trust me, finding products that keep your hair moisturized throughout the week is super important. For one, you won’t have to worry about moisturizing your hair every single day— if you’re able to find a moisturizer that keeps your hair moisturized for days at a time, it’ll be a huge time saver. It can also possibly extend your wash day to every other week instead of every two weeks—if you’re adding product to your hair every single day, you’re likely to get more product buildup.

6.     Don’t Skip Deep Conditioning:  As tempted as you may be to skip deep conditioning all in the name of saving yourself time and energy, do not skip this step! Your hair will be much more manageable if it’s soft and moisturized from deep conditioning so you’re not in a constant battle with your hair and the comb.

You are just as important as everyone else. Take the time to take care of you too!

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