#RaisingLeilani: 12 Month Update

I am officially the mother of a toddler. How did we get here….so fast, at that?!

12 months went by sooner than expected. I look back and ask myself has it really been one whole year since I brought this precious gift into the world? Now I see why people say cherish each moment, because the days literally fly by!

Leilani, my love, you are a 1 year old…..wow. The emotion is crazy right now!

You’re walking (about two months in now), have 6 whole teeth, you’re eating adult-people food, and you’re just flourishing into such an amazing little person.  

You’re quick, silly, and love being around people. You definitely march to the rhythm of your own beat. You have an opinion, and are quick to let everyone know how you feel (even though you’re not quite saying words yet!). You’re internalizing everything we say, so I know we’re bound to hear some words other than “mama” “dada” “baba” and “lalala” pretty soon.

You can be very outspoken and impatient sometimes (mommy and daddy are working on that!), but also filled with a quiet curiosity (your “focused” face is absolutely adorable!).  You’ve got an independence about you and you’re built so tough (just like mommy and daddy!), which I hope stays with you as you grow older.

You love books (although you’ve been destroying them more than you have been reading them). You like when mommy and daddy counts with you and sing your ABC’s.

It’s amazing watching you grow into an actual tiny little human being. I’m in awe each day and am so proud of the things you do, and at the little human you are becoming. You’re a big girl now!

Happy Birthday my love! Mommy loves you so much! My prayer is that the Lord continues to mold and shape me into the woman I am supposed to be so that I can be the best example I can be for you.

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