#RaisingLeilani: 10 Month Update


You turned 10 months just a couple of days ago. My oh my how time flies. You’re such a grown little baby! I can’t take it. Teeth are popping in left and right. You have your own little personality— a little bit of mommy’s goofiness with some of daddy’s persistence and determination.

Speaking of determination, you are absolutely  D E T E R M I N E D  to walk! So much so that you don’t like to be held for too long— you’re ready to get down on the floor and start running (walk before you run first please! You make mommy nervous when you just make a mad dash for it…such a quick little one you are!)

You’re starting to eat some real solid foods now, wanting everything mommy and daddy eats…even if you’ve already eaten some of your own food. You’ve even got yourself a little belly going on with all the eating you like to do lol.

You've become VERY vocal. Talking up a storm. Your "dadas" and "babas" and "lalalas" are cute and everything, but can I get a "mama" in there please? I mean, I was only in labor with you for about 15 hours, and I've fed you nothing but the best stuff (mommy's milk) since you've been here. I think mommy deserves a "mama." Can we work on that please? Thanks.

You amaze me little one. Your laugh. Your smile. Your face. Your intelligence. Your independence. And your understanding for things at such a young age. You’re becoming such a big girl! You make mommy and daddy proud.

I love you Tinka!


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