7 Tips for the Lazy Natural

Let's face it: taking care of a head full of kinks, coils, and curls can be a lot of work....but it doesn't have to be! One of the main reasons why some women are opposed to going natural is because "it's too much work."

We've heard it all before: "I can't go natural because it's too much work," or, "Your hair is so beautiful, but my hair can never do that." 

Besides, between our already full daily schedules, who has time to spend hours upon hours on wash day maintaining those curls, right?

If you want beautiful curls, but don't want to spend all day trying to get it, then this post is for you! Lazy doesn't have to equate to an unhealthy head of curls. What it does mean is applying smart, practical, and consolidated techniques that are sure to leave you with moisturized and healthy curls without spending hours trying to get the look.

If there's anyone who knows about being a lazy natural, it's me. As I explained in my last post, 2015 has been nothing bur pure laziness when it came to caring for my hair.

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This year, I'm turning over a new leaf and really just seeking out practical and consolidated ways to keep my hair as healthy as possible while retaining length instead of falling into a pit of laziness. Here are seven tips for the lazy natural:

1. Make Time for Your Hair

I get it: we all have busy schedules, and it seems like it's not possible to fit everything in one day. However, if you don't make the time, you'll never have the time. Period. Take a good look at your weekly schedule, and see where you can fit in some time to show those curl some TLC.

2. Pre-Poo & Finger Detangle Before Shampooing 

First thing's first: Lazy or not, you should NEVER start shampooing your hair with tangled, dry hair. That's a recipe for disaster, and you're asking for tons of breakage. Even though I know better, I'm guilty of this myself. Pre-poo with some coconut oil and a cheapie conditioner and lightly finger detangle to melt some of the major knots and tangles away to help save some time with detangling, and so you're not ripping a comb through your hair. Don't forget to add heat so the products really penetrate the hair shaft! 

3. Find a Deep Conditioner with Slip

Something that will also save you a ton of time is finding a conditioner/deep conditioner with ridiculously great slip. There is nothing worst than spending a half an hour detangling your hair, when it can literally take about five minutes with a really good conditioner. Look for conditioners that have great ingredients that will give your hair everything it needs, while also providing the necessary slip to detangle in a breeze. 

4. Shampoo in the Shower

Why not kill two birds with one stone? If you need to be somewhere the same day, tackle your hair while showering to save yourself some time. 

5. Wash in Sections

To keep your hair detangled prior to styling, it's best to wash your hair in sections. For one, you use less product. Instead of using two-three handfuls of product for your entire head, washing your hair in sections requires you to use just enough for that section, preventing you from wasting unnecessary product. Second, you're able to ensure that each individual strand gets coated with product. You're also able to access your scalp better while washing, which is super important since a healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair growth. Most importantly, washing in sections prevents less breakage and tangles.  

6. Use Multi-Purpose Products

Maintaining natural hair can be enough stress as it is. You don't need a cabinet full of products to add to the overwhelm. If you can find a product that works as a deep conditioner, rinse-out conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, I say go for it! The less products you have to use, the easier your wash day becomes and the faster you can get things done. 

7. Find Your Signature Style

You've spent some time prepping your hair using the above easy steps that's sure to cut your wash day time in half. But, let's face it: No one has time to re-twist, bantu knot, or set their hair with perm rods every night. That's just the reality of it! Instead, finding a signature hair style to rock throughout the week that's functional and keeps your hair moisturized days at a time until you're ready to unleash those curls is ideal for the lazy natural.

So there you have it: Tips that'll make the lazy natural's life that much easier!

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