Natural Hair & Length Retention

Why You Aren't Retaining Length

I’ve been natural for four years. Four years! If you take a look at my hair, you probably couldn’t tell because I just tapered my hair in April because of heat damage. However, even if I didn’t cut my hair, you would still ask why my hair was so short, yet I’ve been natural for so long. It’s not that my hair wasn’t growing, because it definitely was. The problem was that I wasn’t retaining any length. I must say, its high time I stop being such a lazy natural and get it together! I know what needs to be done to retain length, but I need to practice what I preach! So, this isn’t only for you ladies— it’s for me too!

Here are 10 ways that will help retain length as your hair grows:
  1. Wash in Sections: Washing hair in sections is a must. It helps prevent knots and tangles, especially if you have #shrinkageonfleek like me. My hair shrinks up like nobody’s business! Washing your hair all at once leads to things like single strand knots and breakage, and is one of the reasons why you don’t retain length. Washing in sections also helps with detangling.
  2. Comb/Detangle on Wet/Damp Hair: You should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER comb your hair when its dry. You’re just asking for your hair to snap, crackle, and pop. You’re hair doesn’t need to be soaking wet when you comb or detangle, but it should also never be bone dry. You need some type of moisture on your hair so your detangling tool can easily glide through your strands. You’ll thank me when you no longer see those tiny pieces of hair all over your sink, floor, and shoulders!
  3. Trim as Needed: Here’s the thing: In this natural hair game, people will tell you that you need to trim every three months or whenever! Do what works for your hair! If your ends look fine after three months, do you boo! Don’t just cut hair just to cut hair. Examine your own hair, and go from there. You know your curls better than anyone!
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