Protective Styling With Marley Twists

The summer is officially here, and that means all hands off for my hair. There's always a constant battle with my hair and the humidity during the summer. I'm always hopeful that I can just let my hair down and rock a twist out, but get disappointed literally the second I step outside as my hair frizzes and poofs up.

Don't get me wrong- I love my hair and I love my texture. But the summertime is a love and war battle with my hair, and I'd honestly rather not deal with it. Sure, I can find some products that will block out humidity, but in my frustration and unwillingness to try at that point, I decided to install some Marley twists for a few weeks. 

Now, this isn't my first time installing my own Marley twists. However, this is my first time installing Marley twists using the invisible root method. Typically, I'd braid first for about an inch or so, and then start twisting, but I wanted something a bit more natural looking. 

I've tried the invisible root method in the past, but really just couldn't wrap my head, or my fingers, around which direction to twist the hair so that it is secure. However, I tried the invisible root method at the very last minute after already installing about half of my head, loved it, and re-did my entire head. Call me crazy, but I was too hype about finally figuring out how to do it, and I absolutely loved the look as opposed to braiding first and then twisting. 

I just love the convenience of Marley twists. Of course, there's lots of versatility when it comes to Marley Twists, but it can really be a no-fuss hairstyle if you really just want to get up and go.

I don't have to worry about re-twisting my hair at night, or my hair frizzing up on me when I step outside. The most I have to worry about is moisturizing the twists every so often so my hair underneath is moisturized and cleansing my scalp when needed.

What kind of styles are you rocking this summer?

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