Natural Hair Rant | Why I'm Over my Natural Hair

Natural Hair Rant // Why I'm Over My Natural Hair

Can I just tell ya’ll how done I am with my hair? Don't mind me as I spill my thoughts all over the page....
Yea…I’m over it….completely!

It feels like no matter what I do, my hair just continues to break!

As you may know, I experienced some heat damage back in the beginning of January when I got my hair blownout and flat ironed. My hair has NOT been the same since.

I had some straight pieces in the back of my hair as well as a tiny bit up front, and I knew what I had to do to restore my hair back to health: moisturize, regular protein treatments, and protective styling.

However, it seems like no matter what I do to my hair, it’s just not doing what I need it to do! The pieces in the back that were straight are curling back up, but they’re still noticeably looser than the rest of my hair. The hair in the back of my head is the loosest anyway (maybe 3c/4a in some spots), but there’s still waaayyy to much hang time for my liking.

My husband thinks I’m being impatient and a bit drastic, but I want to cut/trim hair.  I say trim/cut because I don’t know if I just simply need a really good trim or if I need to cut off more than I think I do.
Honestly, I feel like that’s what needs to be done. I know my hair. I’ve been natural for three and a half years. Back when I first went natural, my hair was a lot thicker. However, since I knew NOTHING about natural hair, I’ve experienced so much breakage over the years and haven’t retained as much length as I would have liked to.  My hair has become less dense due to all the breakage I’ve experienced, but I was making progress until this heat damage situation.
I've been going back and forth in my mind for a few reasons (and with my husband who is sick of hearing this, I'm sure...sorry honey!):
  • Getting my hair cut by someone who knows how to work with textured hair is expensive
  • I'm not sure I'm ready to chop my hair off all at once (if I even need a significant amount cut)
  • I get bored easily...I have to be able to do multiple styles with my hair. If I get a specific cut that doesn't give me the flexibility I need, that's a problem for me.
While I'd rather have a professional cut my hair since they can really see and assess the damage, in the same token I'm not sure that I'm willing to give up my coin (lots of it, at that) for a cut I may or may not be satisfied with. 

In the same sense, I know some of my hair needs to be trim/cut because this breakage is driving me up the wall! You see my dilemma here?

Just last year, I got my breakage issue under control as I researched and learned more about how to care for natural hair and learned my hair. I had little breakage, but not as much as I had. I mean, you're still going to experience some breakage here and there....that's just life. But, I could see that I was retaining length from properly moisturizing my hair and protective styling.

Since this heat damage situation, the amount of breakage I have is something I am not comfortable with. I'm tired of seeing little pieces of hair on my clothes, in my sink, and in my hands as I'm putting products in my hair.

I recently started using the Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab since its for thin, fine hair and is supposed to combat breakage (I was deciding between this line and the JBCO line, but all I could find anywhere from the JBCO line is the Deep Treatment). One thing I have noticed with using this product is less shedding. As far as breakage, I can't really tell yet if it's doing anything for it, so I have to give this line a bit more time.

Until then, I think my best bet for now is to trim my hair myself and get rid of the heat damage slowly. I'm more comfortable with that for now.

I've been looking at some pictures of tapered cuts and short fros. While they're all beautiful, IDK if I can bring myself to cut my hair that short just yet.

Any of you ladies having a moment where you're just over your hair? Lets talk about it...

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  1. CHILE!!!! If anybody can feel you on this one, I definitely can!! I'm in the same boat. My hair was doing well when I first moved, then I got cute and tried to straighten it myself and completely demolished my ends because I didn't know how to properly blow dry my hair out. I've learned how to be more gentle with my hair b/c it's extremely fragile, but my hair hasn't been the same since either.
    I was getting the ends trimmed slowly, but it really does help to just go on and get them all cut off (which I see you let your husband do for you!!!). I ended up doing that, but right after getting it cut, I got a two sew-ins. So, I feel like I rushed into the sew-ins. I should've taken more care of my hair after getting it cut.
    Now, I want to find a good cosmetologist which is a problem for me. I've asked around and haven't gotten any good answers about salons to use, but I've got to do something! I get in that same boat with you (being completely over my hair) and ride it out every now and then. I was just telling my boyfriend that it seems like the harder I work to take care of my hair the worse it gets. I could very well be making it into something bigger than it is because I miss my cosmetologist, but I'm sure we can both get it right eventually...we have no other choice!
    We've been natural for about the same amount of years but I've had to tell myself it's all a learning process...it's not a race!


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