Life | What is Success?

There’s something that’s been on my heart for a while now.
What is Success?
Do you measure success by the amount of money you have? The amount of mate…
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Natural Hair Rant | Why I'm Over my Natural Hair

Can I just tell ya’ll how done I am with my hair? Don't mind me as I spill my thoughts all over the page.... Yea…I’m over it….completely!
It feels …
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Moisturizing Natural Hair | L.O.C v.s L.C.O Method

Does your hair feel dry the next morning after you’ve moisturized it? Does it seem like no matter which product you try on your hair, nothing seems t…
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Hair | Top Five Favorite Natural Hair Moisturizers

The past couple of posts have been all about winterizing your natural hair regimen and combating dry natural hair. I even sneaked in a little flat tw…
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